Clementines are small, tasty citrus fruits with no seeds. They are a kind of small orange. They are loved because they are sweet and tangy.

Their skin comes off easily, which makes them an easy and healthy snack. Not only are they yummy, but they also have lots of good nutrients that make you healthy.

What’s in Clementines

Clementines are packed with a lot of good stuff for your body. They have lots of vitamins and minerals. One clementine has about 35 calories and is full of vitamin C. In fact, it gives you more than 60% of the vitamin C you need each day.

Clementines also have good amounts of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, so they are a great food to add to your meals.

Here’s a simple nutrition table for a single clementine (approximately 74 grams):

Protein1 gram
Fat0 grams
Carbohydrates9 grams
Fiber1 gram
Vitamin C40% of DV
Folate (Vitamin B9)5% of DV
Thiamine (Vitamin B1)5% of DV

DV stands for Daily Value, which is a guide to the nutrients in one serving of food. For vitamins and minerals, the DV is based on 100% of the daily amount recommended for a general 2000-calorie diet.

Good Things Clementines Do for You

1. Full of Antioxidants

Clementines are filled with antioxidants, which help your body fight off damage caused by bad stuff called free radicals. These antioxidants can lower your chances of getting chronic diseases like heart disease and certain cancers.

Eating clementines can help increase the amount of antioxidants in your body, which is good for your health.

2. Makes Your Skin Look Good

The high amount of vitamin C in clementines helps your body make collagen. Collagen is needed for healthy skin. It keeps your skin tight and stretchy and helps reduce wrinkles. Eating clementines regularly can give you glowing, young-looking skin.

3. Good for Your Digestive System

Clementines are a great source of dietary fiber. Each fruit has about 2 grams of fiber. Fiber is important for keeping your digestive system healthy and can help stop constipation.

Eating clementines can help increase your fiber intake and make your bowel movements regular.

4. Kids Love Them

Clementines are a great way to get kids to eat more fruits. They are small, sweet, and easy to peel, which kids love. If parents give clementines to their kids, it can help them develop healthy eating habits early on.

5. Other Health Benefits

Clementines do even more good things. They can help improve your immune system, lower inflammation, and make your eyes healthier. They have few calories and lots of water, so they are a great snack if you are watching your weight.

Things to Watch Out For

Even though clementines are generally safe to eat, they can mess with certain medicines. Some medicines, like statins and calcium channel blockers, can be affected by the high amount of potassium in clementines.

You should talk to a doctor if you are taking any medicines to make sure clementines won’t cause any problems.

Fun Ways to Eat Clementines

There are many ways to enjoy clementines. You can eat them on their own, put them in salads, or use them in desserts and smoothies. Their tasty flavor and many uses make them a great addition to any meal or recipe.


Clementines are not only tasty but also bring many health benefits. They are packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber, making them great food for a healthy diet.

By adding clementines to your meals, you can improve your health and enjoy all the good stuff these small citrus fruits have to offer.

So, why not grab a clementine and start enjoying its benefits today?


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