I’m a pizza lover, just like you. But who says we can’t enjoy our favorite treat and stay vegan? Not me!

I’ve explored, experimented, and finally curated 25 of the best vegan pizza recipes that’ll satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste.

From Greek to BBQ Chicken style, get ready to reinvent your homemade pizza nights with a vegan twist.

Let’s dive into this delicious journey together!

1. Vegan Greek Pizza

You’re going to love this Vegan Greek Pizza. It’s packed with Mediterranean flavors and topped with salty Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, and fresh basil.

Imagine biting into a slice where a homemade hummus base mingles perfectly with tangy tomato sauce. Your taste buds will dance at the rich harmony of flavors!

The cheese alternative melts beautifully, creating a gooey delight that stretches with each bite you take. A handful of piquant olives add an exciting saltiness while chunks of tender artichoke hearts offer a unique texture.

And the fresh basil? It’s like the grand finale – its aroma wafts up to your nose right before you take that first heavenly bite.

2. Vegan Deep Dish Pizza

It’s a saucy and satisfying comfort food, filled with veggies, mushrooms, and spiced tempeh crumbles all nestled in a bottom layer of vegan mozzarella that gives an impressive cheese pull.

This deep-dish pizza is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. Imagine sinking your teeth into the thick, doughy crust, tasting the rich tomato sauce mingling with the smoky tempeh crumbles. The medley of vegetables adds a refreshing crunch that contrasts perfectly with the gooey vegan mozzarella.

It’s not merely about sating your hunger – it’s about exploring flavors and embracing cruelty-free indulgence. It proves you don’t have to sacrifice taste for compassion.

This Vegan Deep Dish Pizza recipe is freedom on a plate: freedom to enjoy, to savor, and most importantly – to love every bite!

3. Vegan Margherita Pizza

Switching gears, let’s delve into a classic with a twist: the cheesy vegan Margherita pizza. This isn’t your average take-out fare; we’re talking restaurant-quality taste in a dish you can whip up in 25 minutes flat.

Imagine biting into that perfect crust, topped with ripe, juicy tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. But the star of this show is the cashew cheese – gooey, rich and so satisfying you won’t believe it’s dairy-free.

We’re not just heating up prepackaged vegan cheese here; I’m guiding you through an easy DIY cheese-making process that will blow your mind.

4. Crispy Kale, Roasted Tomato, and Vegan Chicken White Sauce Pizza

Now, let’s move on to our next tasty creation: a crispy kale, roasted tomato, and vegan chicken white sauce pizza that’s loaded with veggies and perfect for picky eaters.

This culinary masterpiece is your solution to getting more leafy greens into your diet without sacrificing flavor. Imagine biting into a thin crust topped with mouthwatering vegan chicken chunks nestled among vibrant, juicy roasted tomatoes.

The crispy kale adds just the right amount of crunch while the decadent vegan white cream sauce ties everything together beautifully. It’s so addictive and delicious, you’ll want to make it again and again.

5. Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza

Let’s dive into the spicy and satisfying world of buffalo cauliflower pizza, a game night favorite that’s not only delicious but relatively healthy too.

Picture it: a crisp pizza crust, smothered in fiery buffalo sauce-tossed cauliflower florets, all drizzled with creamy vegan ranch dressing.

The heat from the buffalo sauce dances on your tongue while the coolness of the vegan ranch soothes it. Sliced avocado provides a smooth contrast to the bite of the cauliflower, and delicate micro-greens add an unexpected freshness.

6. Vegan Thai Pizza

There’s a unique and delectable crossover awaiting your taste buds with this Italian-Thai fusion dish. Imagine sinking your teeth into a pizza crust smothered in creamy peanut sauce, its richness cut through by the sweetness of agave and the exotic hint of coconut milk.

Now envision topping that tantalizing base with crunchy carrots and green onions, their fresh crunch an exciting contrast to the smoothness beneath.

However, what truly sets this vegan Thai pizza apart is the addition of sweet pineapple chunks and hearty tofu pieces. They add an unexpected layer of flavor that’ll make you crave another slice before you’ve finished the first.

7. Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

Just as I was starting to feel full from the explosion of flavors that is the Vegan Thai Pizza, my taste buds started yearning for something a tad more tropical.

Here’s where the Vegan Hawaiian Pizza makes its delicious entrance. Picture this: tangy pineapple chunks, nestled cozily atop vegan bologna slices, all held together by an oh-so-gooey blanket of vegan cheese or cheese sauce.

Doesn’t it sound like a cheesy delight? The debate over pineapple on pizza has raged forever but if you’re in the ‘pro’ camp like me, you’ll find this unconventional pairing simply irresistible.

You can whip up this tempting treat right at home with your choice of store-bought vegan cheese and ham substitutes.

8. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Sheet-Pan Pizza

Now, you’re onto the Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Sheet-Pan Pizza, an elevated version of classic eggplant parmesan that’s brimming with pureed roasted veggies and heaps of dairy-free cheese.

Imagine biting into a slice. The crust is crisp, topped with a layer of savory sauce made from roasted eggplants, onions, garlic, and tomatoes blended into velvety perfection.

It’s generously layered with vegan mozzarella and Parmesan that melts beautifully in the oven, creating golden patches across the surface.

As if this isn’t mouthwatering enough, fresh basil leaves are scattered over the top for an aromatic flourish while red pepper flakes add a kick of heat at the end.

9. Vegan Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza

Switching gears to another delicious option, we’ve got the Vegan Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza that’s a fresh flavor explosion.

Imagine biting into a slice of this pizza, your mouth filled with the vibrant flavors of roasted tomatoes, dairy-free Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil.

The real star here is the pumpkin seed pesto. It’s not your typical store-bought pesto; it’s something extra special. The nutty undertones of the pumpkin seeds blend perfectly with the aromatic basil, creating an unforgettable taste sensation.

Plus, using those leftover pumpkin guts in a new way? Talk about food freedom! This pizza is not just vegan-friendly—it’s also a celebration of seasonal produce used creatively.

10. Vegan Butternut Squash and Sausage Pizza

Diving into our next savory delight, we’re talking about a pizza that’s all about fall flavors – the vegan butternut squash and sausage pie.

Picture this: a warm, crispy crust laden with luscious butternut squash, its sweetness amplified by caramelized onions cooked in tantalizing sausage oil.

The salty, meaty notes of vegan sausage provide a comforting contrast to the creamy squash. And just when you think it can’t get any better, there’s a hint of fried sage dancing on your tongue!

It’s not just food; it’s an experience that resonates with the essence of autumn itself.

11. Easy Caprese Pizza

Moving on to another delicious option, we’ve got an easy Caprese-style pie that’ll satisfy your cravings any time of the day.

Imagine a crusty exterior with a chewy interior acting as the perfect stage for vegan mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, and a rich tomato sauce. Each bite is fresh, satisfying – effortlessly transporting you to an Italian bistro.

This pie is flexible too; whether it’s lunch or dinner, it fits right in. Feel like adding some zing? Sprinkle on some garlic and red pepper flakes for extra flavor!

This pizza doesn’t just cater to your palette but also speaks to your desire for freedom – freedom from animal products without compromising on taste! It’s truly one of the best vegan pizzas to make at home.

12. Avocado Chickpea Pizza

If you’re after a different, yet equally satisfying lunch option, let’s explore the avocado and chickpea pizza. Forget about your usual ham and cheese; this vegan delight is easy to whip up at home and packs a nutritional punch that’ll keep you going all afternoon.

Imagine biting into a crispy crust topped with creamy avocados, hearty chickpeas, and a sprinkle of aromatic spices – it’s not just food, it’s an experience.

This pizza is high in proteins, fats, and carbs making it not only tasty but also incredibly nutritious. Perfect for those days when you need something filling without feeling bloated or weighed down.

13. Vegan Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Leaving the creamy, rich flavors of the Avocado Chickpea Pizza behind, I can’t help but get excited about our next culinary adventure.

Imagine a pizza that captures the garlicky, spiced allure of your favorite spinach dip. That’s exactly what we’re embracing with this Vegan Spinach and Artichoke Pizza.

This recipe is not just a dish; it’s an experience, a delicious rebellion against traditional pizzas.

The tantalizing blend of spinach and artichokes under a blanket of creamy sauce creates an indulgent feast for your taste buds. I guarantee you’ll be hooked from the first bite!

14. Vegan Pizza Primavera

You’re about to embark on a culinary journey with the Vegan Pizza Primavera, a dish so loaded with fresh vegetables and herbs, it’ll redefine your pizza experience.

Imagine zucchini and asparagus lightly dressed, their earthy flavors heightened rather than masked.

Picture cherry tomatoes bursting forth in glorious sweetness with every bite you take.

Bask in the aromatic allure of fresh rosemary that adds an unexpected springtime twist.

Every slice is a celebration of nature’s bounty served on a crust that’s irresistibly crisp yet tender within – because who says healthy can’t be delicious?

15. Vegan Naan Pizza

Drifting away from the vibrant freshness of Vegan Pizza Primavera, let’s delve into a quicker, simpler delight – the Vegan Naan Pizza.

Now imagine this: It’s been a long day and you’re yearning for an easy yet satisfying dinner. You’ve got just seven minutes to spare. This is where vegan naan pizza comes in, your salvation in these hungry moments.

Picture slathering a soft piece of naan with rich tomato paste, sprinkling it generously with aromatic spices that awaken your senses. Top it off with mouth-watering vegan sausage slices, finished with melty vegan cheese that bubbles enticingly under the grill.

In mere minutes, you have a meal that’s not only time-saving but delectably gratifying too!

16. BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

This pizza is a veganized version of the classic BBQ chicken pizza, swapping out the meat for hearty jackfruit.

For topping: use sweet red onions and melted vegan mozzarella, it’s a tantalizing flavor combination that’ll wow your taste buds.

Using canned jackfruit makes this recipe a breeze; it’s handy, easy to prepare, and incredibly versatile. You can use it in various dishes due to its adaptability.

The BBQ Jackfruit Pizza is not only plant-based, but it also bursts with savoriness and smoky undertones from the barbecue sauce.

17. Classic Vegan Pizza

As thrilling as the BBQ Jackfruit Pizza was, let’s shift gears and return to basics with a Classic Vegan Pizza.

There’s a certain magic in simplicity, isn’t there? Imagine a homemade vegan pizza dough, supple and crisp. It’s made from just four ingredients – flour, water, oil, and salt; yet it serves as the perfect canvas for an array of vibrant toppings.

You’re free to adorn this masterpiece with succulent mushrooms, crunchy bell peppers, tangy olives, sweet onions, and juicy tomatoes. For those craving that extra kick of flavor – I’ve got you covered! Throw on some zesty vegan sausage if you like.

Ah yes! This easy-to-make pizza is not only versatile but also customizable to your heart’s content. Freedom lies in choice – here’s yours!

18. Vegan Green Goddess Pizza

Vegan Green Goddess Pizza is a nutritious and tasty option that’ll surely satisfy your cravings.

Imagine a soft, fresh pizza dough generously topped with vibrant basil and white bean hummus for a rich, creamy base. It’s then adorned with roasted veggies like zucchini, broccoli, and artichoke hearts that not only add color but fill your palate with different textures.

The magic doesn’t stop there though. The optional green goddess dressing is the cherry on top! This adds an extra layer of flavor that elevates this vegan pizza to divine heights.

Making this at home is easy-peasy and insanely delicious!

19. Mediterranean-Inspired Socca Pizza

Looking for a pizza that is not just effortless and budget-friendly but also deeply satisfying? Meet Socca pizza — a delightful hybrid of pancake and bread that serves as an enticing canvas for your culinary creativity. It’s like freedom in your kitchen!

Let me tell you about my favorite toppings: tangy Kalamata olives, succulent sun-dried tomatoes, and tender artichoke hearts. Every bite is a symphony of flavors so rich yet so simple; it’s truly humbling!

This Mediterranean-inspired socca pizza is testament to how versatile vegan cuisine can be. So why wait? Let’s stir up some magic with this amazing recipe!

20. Vegan Caramelized Mushroom Pizza

Next up, we’re diving into the realm of vegan caramelized mushroom pizza, a heavenly choice that’s irresistible even for non-mushroom fans.

Imagine a crispy crust crowned with creamy white sauce, thinly sliced mushrooms that melt in your mouth and a vibrant medley of caramelized onions and garlic. Each bite is an explosion of flavors that dance on your taste buds, while the aroma wafts around you like an inviting blanket.

You’ve got options here: cut those mushrooms thin for a subtle touch or go thicker if you desire a meatier experience. This ain’t just food; it’s freedom on a plate!

21. Vegan Spinach Alfredo Pizza

The vegan spinach Alfredo pizza is not only delicious and satisfying, but also quick to whip up. Imagine a crispy dough base slathered with creamy vegan Alfredo sauce, garnished generously with fresh spinach leaves, minced garlic, and heaps of melted vegan cheese.

It’s a symphony of textures and flavors that dance in your mouth. In just 15 minutes, you can transform simple ingredients into this flavorful feast that appeals to all senses. The vibrant green spinach adds not only aesthetic appeal but also a nutritional punch to every bite.

This pizza recipe offers freedom – from animal products, long cooking hours, complicated ingredients – yet still embraces the soulful essence of classic Italian cuisine.

22. Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

You’re in for a treat with the vegan BBQ chicken pizza cooked in a cast iron skillet. It’s loaded with toppings like BBQ sauce-drenched chicken strips, tangy red onion, creamy ranch dressing, and fresh cilantro. This pizza is a surprise delight that breaks free from traditional norms.

The crust turns super crispy due to the preheating of the skillet. There’s no risk of a soggy bottom here! Imagine biting into this gastronomic marvel; feeling the crunch of perfectly baked crust giving way to succulent vegan chicken strips smothered in sticky sweet BBQ sauce.

The bite of red onion cuts through richness while the ranch adds a soothing creaminess and cilantro brings refreshing brightness.

23. Vegan Sriracha BBQ Tofu Pizza With Pepper Jack on Spelt Crust

Let’s not forget about the messy yet oh-so-delicious Sriracha BBQ tofu pizza with vegan pepper jack on a spelt crust. This pizza is a culinary masterpiece that breaks all the rules, favoring boldness over tradition.

The spicy kick of Sriracha mixes flawlessly with the smoky BBQ sauce, creating a tantalizing base for the toppings. Roasted tofu chunks add a satisfying crunch and much-needed protein, while molten vegan pepper jack cheese forms golden bubbles as it cooks to perfection.

Every mouthful promises an exciting journey for your palate, combining earthy, spicy, and tangy notes in harmonious chaos.

24. Arugula Salad Pizza

Stepping away from the smoky heat of the Vegan Sriracha BBQ Tofu Pizza, I now turn towards a lighter, greener delight: The Arugula Salad Pizza.

It’s a true game-changer for busy weeknights when time is scarce, yet the craving for something delicious and nutritious won’t budge. Imagine this – it’s ready in just 45 minutes!

Using pre-made pizza dough for convenience, it’s loaded with greens and infused with fresh flavors. It feels like biting into an invigorating salad but in the form of a crunchy pizza slice.

This combination is more than just food; it’s freedom on a plate! If you’re yearning to break free from routine meals without compromising your health or time, this Arugula Salad Pizza could be your next great dinner adventure.

25. Broccoli Cheese Vegan Pizza

Shifting gears, we’re diving into the world of deliciously satisfying Broccoli Cheese Vegan Pizza that’s a must-try option even for meat-eaters. This quick and easy vegan delight is ready in just 25 minutes with six simple ingredients.

It starts off with a soft, chewy pizza dough lavishly spread with an indulgent vegan cheese sauce that tastes every bit as creamy and flavorful as the real deal.

The toppings are what make this pizza truly special – lightly cooked broccoli florets providing a delightful crunch and vibrant green color, combined with thinly sliced red onions for a subtle sweetness and tang.

The result? A mouth-watering fusion of flavors and textures that makes you forget it’s entirely plant-based.


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